Ad Size             Dimensions            10% discount for multiple editions

Front Cover                Call for Dimensions            1200.00 (Bonus 1/2 page ad and 1 page informative article)

​Back Cover                 Call for Dimensions            800.00

​Inside Front Cover      8 x 10                                700.00

​Inside Back Cover       8 x 10                                700.00

​Full Page                   8 x 10                                650.00

1/2 Page (H)              8 x 5                                  375.00

​1/4 Page (V)              4 x 5                                  270.00

​1/8 Page                   2.5 x 5                              150.00

​Classified                  2 x 2                                  60.00


​Our all new social media campaign is designed to connect and engage Hill Country Moms in the Boerne/Fair Oaks/Leon Springs/ Dominion Area. We will be offering advertisers creative ways to promote relative content to parents, sponsor posts, contests, and giveaways, and ad images.

Our goal is to provide parents information that features local events, product reviews, and business reviews. Plus, informational parent friendly articles. 

​Our Multimedia Campaign will bring information to parents through several different forms of media.  Our Magazine will be used to drive parents to our new blog, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

​Most of our audience will be mothers, so if you are a business that would like to attract the attention of our Hill Country mom's give us a call or send us an email.  We will only promote events, products, and services we can vouch for.  

​Phone: 210-367-3048


Ad Material Requirements: Camera-Ready​

​We prefer to receive ads in high-resolution (a minimum of 300 dpi) PDF file format. 

​Please convert Panton and RGB to CMYK and save the files with appropriate extensions

​Phone 210-367-3048 


 Boerne TX 78006 US


Backpack Connection Magazine


Issue                 Ad File Due                      Distribution

September        Wed. Sept. 6                    Sept. 24-28

November         Friday Oct. 6                    Oct. 30-Nov. 3    

December         Monday Nov. 13                Dec. 4-9

February           Friday Jan. 12                  Feb. 5-9

March               Monday Feb. 26                March 20-23

April                 Monday April 2                 April 18-24

​May                  Monday May 1                   May 21-25